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Come take a look at how we produce your very own photobook!

Order a Hardcover Book and receive your own video!

You choose your own photos and you make your own personalized photo book, but from the moment that you order it, you do not know what is actually happening to your book.

At Fotofabriek you can now see for yourself how the cover for your photo book is cut and folded. Through this Fotofabriek is one of the first companies in adapting their production process so as to allow 'Public Production'.


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Cameras in machinery

Fotofabriek wants to provide their customers with the opportunity of being able to see how their order is transformed from a digital project into a real photo product. Through a camera build into the machine, one can now observe the different processes involved in making one’s cover. Once the cover has been produced, within twenty minute a video is generated. This video will be available to the customer for three months. Customers are provided with the opportunity to download the video, in case they want to keep it for future viewing.

All videos are automatically analyzed for motions / movements.In cases where there is too much (or too little) motion, the videos are automatically rejected. The system itself is designed in a way that it may be used on other machines in the future.


An important aspect in offering these unique and personal videos, lies with the privacy of the consumer. The video system of Fotofabriek is set so that the only person able to watch one’s video is the person who ordered the product. After the production process the barcode of the photo product is scanned, in order to identify if the owner of the product wants to receive a video. In case the customer does not want a video, the video is automatically deleted. Every customer is provided with the option of sharing their videos via email or social media. This way the customer gets the chance to decide whom to share the video with.

Public production in 2020

This unique innovation, with whom Fotofabriek is setting an important step in the online world, is in line with the overall trend that is present in the online markets. Customer retention and customer loyalty have, of course, always been essential elements for a successful business. Since the rise of social media, among others, these aspects have been given extra importance. Customers expect to experience a high degree of transparency through increased involvement. The one on one communication between the customer and the organisation will be replaced bit by bit by a more open communication via different social media channels.

Fotofabriek expects that in the coming years, this form of “Public Production” will play an increased role in various industries and sectors. It is expected that in 2020 there will be multiple webshops and online - oriented companies which have increase their efforts in this area, providing consumers with the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes.

How is a hardcover photobook made

1 The book is being printed

Boek printen

The inside and cover of your book are printed on loose sheets of photopaper.

2 The cover is being laminated

Boek printen

The cover will be provided with a protecting layer made of laminate. This will have either a glossy or matte finish to it.

3 The hardcover will be taking shape

The cover will be glued onto a piece of cardboard. The machine will then proceed to neatly fold the paper around the cardboard.

4 The inside will be shaped accordingly

The cover will be precisely measured and cut to the appropriate size.

5 The book will merge together

A headband will be added to the inside and then the inside will be merged with the cover of the photobook.

6 The book will be packaged

Boek printen

The photobook will be examined, packaged and prepared for either delivery or pick-up.

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